Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

(updated 21 March 2020)

Please note that enhanced measures are in place at our Radiology facilities, in response to the DORSCON Orange level. We thank you for your understanding. Please refer to our facility locations to know if they are hospital-based or not.


Entry Into Facility and Acceptance for Imaging Examination


Hospital-based Facilities

All visitors are required to fill the visitor registration form before entering hospital premises. Patients are further required to fill a health declaration form at the entrance of the Radiology facility, with temperature taken. Only one visitor may accompany each patient into the premises.

Non Hospital-based Facilities

All patients and visitors are required to have their temperature taken before entering the clinic. Patients are required to fill a health declaration form, and visitors to fill a visitor registration form. Only one visitor may accompany each patient in the Radiology clinic.

Please note that false declaration is an offence under the Infectious Diseases Act.

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For Visitors v2

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